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A Vibrant, Welcoming, and Affordable Jewish Community in our Nation’s Capital.

What is Choose Ottawa?

Choose Ottawa began in 2017, in response to hearing about so many of our friends struggling either with the cost of Jewish living in the larger Canadian cities or with the lack of Jewish infrastructure in the smaller Canadian cities.  We believe that Ottawa is the perfect combination - Ottawa has all the essential amenities of Jewish life, such as Jewish education, kosher food and vibrant synagogues, but in a smaller city, that is affordable, accessible and also unified.  In Ottawa, all types of Jewish people participate in Jewish life together, a unique and beautiful example of Achdut and Ahavat Yisrael.

Jewish Education

Ottawa offers Jewish preschool, day school, and secondary school options. Additionally, there are several supplemental schools available for students wishing to further one’s Jewish studies on the weekends or in the afternoons. There is something for everyone who wants Jewish education!

Synagogues in Ottawa

Ottawa has synagogue communities for every type of Jewish observance. Click the button below to visit our interactive synagogue page; where you can take a look at everything Ottawa has to offer, as well as filter by the affiliation of your choice!

Explore our synagogues!

Kosher in the Capital

There are lots of kosher options in Ottawa! Between kosher caterers, takeout, accessible grocery stores (including a 24-hour kosher Loblaws!), a bagel shop, and several bakeries, you will see what Ottawa has to offer. Coming soon… our own local kosher brewery! L’Chaim! Click the button to explore our full page - or to jump to a section on the page, click one of the image categories!

Explore Kosher Food & Drink Options

Where are the communities? 

While the Jewish community is spread out all around Ottawa, there are four neighbourhoods that host the majority of Jewish infrastructure and therefore have strong local Jewish populations. Visit our neighbourhoods page to learn more about these neighbourhoods, as well as our smaller Jewish Hubs around Ottawa!

Alta VistaWestboro/CarlingtonCentrepointe/Craig HenryBarrhavenView the Full Neighbourhoods Page

Jewish Life in Ottawa

Ottawa has all the Jewish infrastructure of a big city, but contained in a smaller, more accessible and friendly place. Click here to learn about Ottawa’s mikvah and eruvs, the Soloway JCC, Ottawa’s Jewish social services and programs for young adults, students and teens.

Jewish Life
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Social Services
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For Young Professionals & Students
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For Teens
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The Ottawa job market is growing, strong, diverse, and resilient - and there are lots of great opportunities in a variety of industries for you! Check out our Jobs Information page!
Jobs in Ottawa


There are so many reasons why people move to Ottawa, and even more reasons why they choose to stay! To read more from each family pictured, click the button to check out our Testimonials page.

Click here to view more!

Aptowitzer Family

Julia Van Drie and Isaac Bushewsky

Goldstein Family

Gordon Family

Green Family

Green Family

Jonathan Greenberg and Elyssa Nassi

Mandel-Carsen Family

Marantz Family

Rudin Family

Scharf Family

Scher Family

A Shabbat Warm Welcome

Individuals and families who are interested in Ottawa are invited to come for Shabbat and experience the exceptional community for themselves!  Please reach out to schedule your Shabbat visit for spring or summer 2022 (subject to current Covid-19 restrictions).  We can't wait to host you and help you explore and learn about our city!

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