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There are so many reasons to love Ottawa.
We wanted more people to experience the joy of living here.

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A Resource to help those looking for a warm Jewish Community.

Choose Ottawa is a resource to help people looking for a warm, livable Jewish community. We connect people to job opportunities, real estate options, and new friends in Ottawa. Our website is a place to learn about the Jewish schools, daycares, synagogues, social service agencies, and all the other pieces of Ottawa’s rich Jewish infrastructure. And our network of community liaisons is available to chat and tell you about their Jewish Ottawa experiences.

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Our Beginnings

We are a group of dedicated community members who had been hearing the same aspiration from many of our friends and family members living in other cities: “We wish to live in an affordable, warm, and active Jewish community!” they all said.  Here in Ottawa we know that this city has all of those features – and so much more.  That’s why we live here and that’s why we created Choose Ottawa to help others learn more about this wonderful city.

We love the Nation's Capital!

Ottawa offers all the amenities of Jewish communal life: wonderful Jewish schools, vibrant synagogues, an active Jewish Community Centre, and more – and a real estate market that offers far more value than in other large Canadian cities.

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If you are looking to live in a place with a high quality of life and vibrant Jewish community, then please reach out. We would love to tell you more about why we all choose Ottawa, and why it might be the right choice for you too.

Choose Ottawa Committee

Our team:
  • Rabbi Aryeh Kravetz
  • Rabbi Michael Goldstein
  • Dr. Stacy Goldstein
  • Evan Green
  • Tal Scher
  • Cara Kaiserman
  • Aviva Rotenberg
  • Rabbi Gavriel Rudin
  • Rabbi Idan Scher
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A Shabbat Warm Welcome

Individuals and families who are interested in Ottawa are invited to come for Shabbat and experience the exceptional community for themselves!  Please reach out to schedule your Shabbat visit.  We can't wait to host you and help you explore and learn about our city!

Choose Ottawa is the beneficiary of a 2019 Jewish Federation of Ottawa Innovation Grant.