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Preschool Options

There are a variety of Jewish preschools in Ottawa. Click any of the squares below for a quick jump to the school on the page.

Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool

18 months to 6 years


We at the Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool are proud to offer a creative Jewish environment where your children’s individual style of learning is valued and nurtured. Our main goal is to develop a love of Judaism and a love of learning. Our school hours accommodate working moms and dads.

Half and full-day options. Kosher lunch and snacks included!

Connect With Us

Main Office


(613) 729-1619

Ganon Preschool

21 months to 5 years


The philosophy of the Ganon Preschool is that children learn through play. Play nourishes every aspect of children ’s development – it forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life. Play "paves the way for learning."

NEW: If your child attends for a full day, our program now runs until 5pm. Before care available between 7:30 am – 8:30 am. After care available until 6:00 pm. Kosher meals available for purchase through the Soloway JCC (where the school is located).

Half-day, full-day options, extended care options.

Connect With Us

Main Office


(613) 798-9818

Early Beginnings Multicultural Child Development Centre

18 months to 5 years


A Ministry of Education licensed childcare centre for children that operates year-round. We are committed to providing the highest-quality childcare, education, and work/life solutions for families in Ottawa. We strive to remain at the forefront of Early Childhood Education and to always ensure a welcoming environment that's respectful of the diversity that exists within our centre. Early Beginnings believes that children learn best through action and play. Our educators create classroom environments, both physical and emotional that encourage and support play-based, child-centred learning.

Kosher, and full-day childcare.

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Main Office



Torah Day School of Ottawa

Pre-K (3-4 year olds)


The Torah Day School Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program instills a love of Yiddishkeit (Judaisim) through hands on, experiential learning. We educate children in a creative, supportive and warm Jewish environment, where Judaism is not just a subject, but a way of life.

As children progress from the pre-k program into the main kindergarten program, they learn about Shabbos, Jewish holidays, the Torah, doing mitzvos and davening.  In addition to learning to read and write in English, the children learn the Aleph-Beis and begin their French language education. The general studies program introduces basic math skills and units on the weather, the world around them, science and the animal kingdom. Children in Torah Day’s pre-k love school and love being Jewish!

Connect With Us

Main Office, office@torahday.ca

Rabbi Boruch Perton, Rabbi


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High School

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Supplemental Schools

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Temple Israel Religious School
OrH - Machaneh Shabbat
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